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Cosmetic Smile DesignWe create beautiful smiles...We design your smile!
    Cosmetic Smile Designs
    Oracare provides the Best Cosmetic Smile & Makeover Dentistry in Ahmedabad. They base their methods and processes on several relevant factors making sure their methods are effective.
    Veneers,Crown N Bridge
    The 'crown' restoration refers to the cap that encircles the dental implant or even the tooth for that matter. This is an important procedure & required for every one once they undergo a complex dental treatment.
    Orthodontics Treatment
    Orthodontic treatment involves placing braces and at times even head gear. Although in most cases this is a speedy process & will takes more than 15 days. We offer the best orthodontic treatments in Ahmedabad.
    Implants,RCT,Fillings,Child Dentistry
    Root canal procedure involves removing the pulp and cleaning the space prior to filling. We offer the best root canal treatment Ahmedabad.
    Laser Surgery, Flap Surgery,RCT
    At Oracare we spend more time preparing and making sure everything is right. Hence when our procedures are complete, be it teeth whitening or cosmetic laser surgery you can be sure we have considered everything.
    Zirconia Metal Free Crowns
    We offer the best zirconia crowns treatment in Ahmedabad. The advantage of using this is that though it is costly, Zirconium is extraordinarily tough and translucent.
    Disimpaction of Wisdom Tooth
    Wisdom teeth do not grow right leading to infection or wisdom teeth bleeding. It is best to get this treated fast to avoid further infection.
    Whitening pf teeth by laser
    We offer the best laser treatment for teeth whitening in town. Although this process may cost slightly more, it is less time consuming and highly effective.
    About Us
    Oracare provides world class facilities and is committed to deliver the finest quality dental care using latest state of art technology. We ensure that the environment is always comfortable, pleasant and anxiety free. Our office is well equipped with ultramodern and internationally approved dental material and equipment to ensure the best patient care. We strictly adhere to the international protocol of infection control and sterilization to protect our clients from the risk of cross infection. Our staffs are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to assist you with any queries you may have. To give you best possible services and results, we are committed to continual education and learning. You will receive extraordinary service and individualized care that is unsurpassed. Oracare dental clinic in Ahmedabad is a certified clinic.
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