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Best Disimpaction of Wisdom Tooth Dental Specialist
Dental implants are titanium inserts that replace tooth roots. These implants are meant to provide foundation for permanent or removable teeth that match your natural teeth. The procedure is very straightforward. The titanium bonds with the bone forming a strong foundation for artificial teeth. Posts protruding through the gums when attached to the implants provide an anchor for the artificial teeth.

Whenever the question of a dental implant arises, it is basically for two reasons itself; either the prosthetics are usually being used to replace the tooth loss or the implants could be for cosmetic reasons as well. Known as one of the more long lasting and comforting method of counteracting for tooth loss, dental implants procedure in Mumbai has been gaining importance every passing day.
Disimpaction of Wisdom Tooth


  • Not likely to discolor over time compared to tooth-colored resin fillings
  • Preserve as much healthy tooth as possible and work as an excellent alternative to a crown when the damaged area is minimal
  • An inlay is custom-made according to the preparation tooth by the dentist in comparison with a composite filling it shrinks in time, and leaks can occur.
  • Dental inlays are better at sealing teeth to keep out bacteria, therefore they are preferred when the cavity is in between teeth

  • More costly than amalgam or composite fillings
  • The procedure is carried with two appointments instead of one visit
  • It is also prone to fracture
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