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The raw base material for the production of zirconium dioxide is the mineral zirconium. dioxide is produced in a chemical process using additives. Distinctions are made between sinter additives which influence the actual sinter process and characteristics of the final material, and auxiliary additives which facilitate workability. So-called “green blocks” are produced through a certified manufacturing process.

Sinter additives remain in the zirconium oxide, while the auxiliary additives (mainly volatile organic compounds apart from water) are removed from the material before sintering, leaving no residue. The green blocks are stabilised in a pre-sinter process to a degree that allows machining with tungsten milling tools. Framework milled from the chalky green blocks is enlarged by about 25%. Shrinkage during the final sinter fire at 1500°C results in the frame’s final 1:1 size. The sinter process effects a shrinkage of 20%. Through it the frame acquires the final flexural strength and hardness by compaction of the material particles
Zirconia Metal Free Crowns

Zirconia Metal

Are metal-free/full zirconia restorations possible?
  • Replacement of conventional (precious) metal-based restorations with zirconia is entirely possible, but should only be carried out by dental technicians who have undertaken special training in this field
  • Zirkonzahn has also developed a new material called Prettau Zirconia. It displays a high amount of translucency and is very attractive for use in 100% full-zirconia restorations. Colouring requires a special technique which needs to be learned.
  • Yes, if the physical properties of zirconia are considered and it’s parameters observed correctly, a trained dental technician can produce such restorations
  • Zirkonzahn has no reservations about knife-edge preparations in particular. Any preparation style is possible.
  • No special prep technique required.
  • Zirconia abrasives i.e diamonds are recommened
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